Preliminary Balance of Payments for August, 2017

Daily Finance
2017-10-02 09:11:04
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Current and capital account balance totaled to USD 328.7 million deficit, which is 44% and USD 260.6 million decrease compared to the same period last year. The change was mainly driven by USD 571.9 million decrease in deficit of goods and services account, resulting a surplus of USD 360.5 million.
Financial account totaled to a surplus of USD 649.2 million. In the first 8 months of last year, Mongolia had a net borrowing of USD 643.2 million from other countries, while this year the amount totaled to USD 649.2 million. Thus, the net external financing is decreased by USD 6.0 million.
 As of August 2017, balance of payments aggregated a deficit of USD 215.4 million.
Table 1. Preliminary Balance of Payments for August, 2017, by million USD