Mongolia counts 66.4 million head of livestock

Economy | Agriculture
2018-12-28 18:51:32

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ The annual livestock population census took place from December 7-17.

According to the preliminary results released by the National Statistic Office on December 26, the livestock population has reached 66.4 million. Specifically, in nine aimags including Khuvsgul, Dornod, Khentii, Dundgobi, Arkhangai, Sukhbaatar, Dornogobi, Uvs and Selenge, the number of livestock population has increased by 300-400 thousand.

However, the highest number of total livestock population has been counted in Khuvsgul aimag with 5709.9 thousand, while the runner-up was Arkhangai aimag with 5481.1 thousand.