KAZINFORM International News Agency

2017-04-21 11:19:59

KAZINFORM is a leading national news agency, the first one in Kazakhstan  to get international level status. For over 95 years, media agency has been a reliable and efficient source of information about politics, economy, education, health, sports, culture and other key components of society.    Kazinform transmits official information on the activities of the Presidential Administration, Parliament, and Government, regional authorities, national financial and industrial structures.    


Broadcasting is in Kazakh, Russian and English languages. For compatriots who live abroad and do not know Cyrillic, there is news in Latin and Arabic. In the short term, the Agency plans to launch Chinese and Spanish versions of the portal.     The Agency’s central office is in Astana. Almaty, the financial and cultural center of the country has correspondents’ office.   Kazinform has a network of correspondents, unrivaled among domestic news agencies. There are 15 corresponding offices in all regions of the country, including Baikonur, and foreign representations in Russia, China, Turkey, UAE, Belgium, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan. This allows the Agency to transfer on-line objective and coherent picture of events in the country and the world. In future, the Agency plans to have correspondents’ offices in the United States, Spain, South Korea, Germany, Israel, Brazil and India.    


Today Kazinform enters TOP- 10 among Kazakhstan’s online news agencies.229 countries are users of www.inform.kz.      The high performance of the Agency is due to its commitment to the best traditions of journalism, innovative approaches to the creation of quality content, advanced technological base and teamwork of professionals. Kazinform team includes well-known TV and radio journalists, the award winners of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, winners of international and regional competitions, winners of honorary degrees and awards. In December, 2015 the Agency passed certification of quality management system according to requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 standard