A24 News Agency

2021-07-09 11:09:34

Launched in April 2015, A24 has been dedicated to presenting impartial, insightful and timely news and event reportage through its unique access to underreached hotspots, warzones and conflict areas – such as Yemen, Iraq, Somalia, Libya and Syria. From the outset, A24 has built vast competency in gathering content and addressing varied topics to bring local, regional and international clients an accurate perspective of different vital stories and happenings covering political, economic, social, humanitarian and cultural issues.

A24 has a proven record of covering hot topics, reports and other events – whether they be breaking news, political stories, social features and sports scoops, among others – to audiences across the world, in real-time as they unravel, by serving a host of illustrious clients from various media platforms. These include Sky News Arabia, Al Arabiya, NBC, ABC News, CNN, Alhurra, AFP, Al Jazeera and Al Jazeera English, to name a few.