National Museum of Mongolia to display its best exhibits in “Tsonjin Boldog” complex

Art & Culture
2022-11-03 17:03:04

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. The National Museum of Mongolia will present a special exhibition, “Mongolian Traditional Housecraft and Culture,” from the 5th of this month in collaboration with the “Tsonjin Boldog” Chinggis Khan Statue Complex, a tourist center visited by many domestic and foreign tourists.


In the exhibition, 308 exhibits from 145 subsequences, including nomadic husbandry items, dish, and utensil-related items, and 8 copies of portraits of kings and queens of the Mongolian Empire stored in the National Palace Museum of Taiwan, will be displayed.


Because of the significant role and importance of horses in classical nomadic animal husbandry, Mongolians have respected horses considerably. In the exhibition, the horse culture of Mongolians is represented by khalkh and bayad national saddles, then silver bridles, halters, thongs, horse comb, stamps, pedals with various designs, children’s saddles, as well as tethering places for the horse, skin bag for kumiss, kumiss piston, and fiddle music that indicates the complex belief of worshiping horses.


In addition to horses, exciting exhibits such as ox and camel yokes, saddles, saddle cushions, teeth ridge, camel halter, livestock wood carvings, chess, and board games will be displayed. Also, a part of the exhibition is occupied by Mongolian hearth pots, teapots, and salvers made of roots, cups, and holy-water sprinkles. In particular, the collection made it possible to see and compare the different types of teapots in one place.


The exhibition will be open to the public until May 2023.