Khuvsgul aimag's reindeer population stands at 3,127

2021-01-14 16:14:07

Khuvsgul /MONTSAME/ The statistics department of Khuvsgul aimag reports that the population of reindeer in the aimag has reached 3,127, which shows an increase of 18,6 percent or 491 compared to last year.

The reindeer population has been increasing over the years. Specifically, 1,855 reindeers were counted in 2015, 2,040 in 2016, 2,229 in 2017, 2,396 in 2018, and 2,636 in 2019. As there has not been much snowfall in the aimag’s Tsagaannuur soum this year, local reindeer herders are wintering in the Taiga.