Saiga population in Khomyn Tal surpasses 100

2021-01-14 15:36:32

Zavkhan /MONTSAME/ Zavkhan aimag’s Environment and Tourism Department reports that over 100 saiga antelope were counted in the aimag last fall.

“In 2010, only about 10 saiga antelope were counted in the aimag’s Durvuljin soum and now there are 176 of the species in the soum. The saiga population increase in Durvuljin soum is thanks to fine summer in the region last year. However, we have to keep our focus on the species’ conservation, especially in winter, as summer may not be as pleasant every year," said an official of the department.

"Even though the population increase is great news, there remain scores of threats facing Mongolian saiga antelope such as poaching, pasture shortage caused by overpopulated livestock exceeding regional carrying capacity, severe weather, and infectious diseases. Therefore, collaboration is essential among local communities and protected area management authorities."