Bogd Khaan Palace Museum: Thrones of Bogd Khaan and Queen Dondogdulam

Art & Culture
2020-12-01 16:21:26

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. Currently, the King and Queen's thrones are on display in the Winter Residence of the Bogd Khaan Palace Museum. The VIII Bogd Jetsundamba, Sun Radiant, Myriad-Aged and Theocratic King of Religion and State with Absolute Power of Mongolia elevated by his folks and Sitatara queen Dondogdulam, Dakini Regnant of Mongolia used to sit on them during the state ceremonies.


The craftsmen of Bogd Khaan Palace

Early XX century



The thrones with back-rest with relief carvings of Buddhist symbols, nine dragons, horse, and human beings, and a base with relief carvings of dragon, flower, fruit, "king bracelet" and "queen earring" patterns. Kept at the State Yellow Palace, the thrones were lost during the fire at the Palace in 1924. Only the backrests were left and were later restored.