Dundgobi aimag schedules its largest tourism event for August and September

Art & Culture
2020-03-03 13:02:42

Dundgobi /MONTSAME/ Dundgobi aimag has decided to hold its biggest tourism event ‘Gobi Desert close to the Town’ at three venues, namely, Baga Gazriin Chuluu, Ongi Monastery, and Tsagaan Suvarga in August and September.

‘Fermented mare milk and Horse Festival’ will be held in Baga Gazriin Chuluu on August 22-23, ‘Festival of Herders and Folk art’ in Ongi Monastery in the aimag’s Saikhan-Ovoo soum on September 8-9, and ‘Great Gobi Camel’ event in Tsagaan Suvarga in Ulziit soum on September 26.

The event aims to promote Mongolia’s nomadic livestock farming and traditional culture and customs of herders to the world.