Cabinet discusses solutions on citizens’ petitions and complaints

2018-09-12 17:30:35
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ At its regular meeting on September 12, the Cabinet discussed a half-yearly report on solutions of petitions and complaints made by citizens, addressing to state central administrative organization, local state administrative organizations and officials.

Over 416 thousand people expressed their complaints, petitions and critism to these organizations, of which 402,795 petitions have been resolved punctually and 998 petitions have not been responded. Some 180 thousand out of total petitions were addressed to the Cabinet members and authorities of the Ministries and Agencies, of which the most or over 78,800 petitions and complaints were received and resolved by the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection, whilst the fewest or 148 were received by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry.

Among provinces, Arkhangai aimag's administration and officials received 36,308 or the most number of petitions and complaints, whereas citizens of Uvs aimag made the fewest or over 1700 petitions and complaints.  

Most of the civil petitions were requests for social welfare and supports of land, housing and finance and demands for the salary raise.