Social insurance fund revenue increases

2016-08-22 17:59:23

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ In the first seven months of this year, the revenue of Social Insurance Fund (SIF) amounted to MNT 962.8 billion which increased by MNT 195.9 billion or 25.5%, while the SIF’s expenditure reached MNT 966.0 billion which increased by MNT 70.3 billion or 7.8% against the previous year.

In the period, money of MNT 85.0 billion was granted to 208.5 thousand people for pensions and welfare benefits from the Social Welfare Fund (SWF). The number of people receiving pensions and welfare allowances increased by 16.0 thousand or 8.3%, and amount of pensions and allowances decreased by MNT 849.6 million or 1.0% against the previous year.

Money of MNT 122.5 billion was granted from the Human Development Fund (HDF) to 1,021.1 thousand children aged below 18 as cash benefits.