Decisions Made at the Cabinet Session

2023-11-23 11:45:02

Ulaanbaatar, November 23, 2023, /MONTSAME/. During its regular session on November 22, 2023, the Cabinet made the following decisions:


Special Court for Corruption and Abuse of Power Cases to be Established 


After discussing the revised Draft Law on the Establishment of Courts, the Cabinet resolved to submit it to the State Great Khural of Mongolia for urgent discussion.

The draft Law aims to establish productive and efficient primary and appellate courts to ensure the right to access courts and to enhance the quality and accessibility of court services for citizens by modifying the jurisdiction, location, and organization of courts without changing the fundamental structure of the judicial hierarchy in accordance with the amendments made to the Constitution of Mongolia. 

The Draft Law reflects the establishment of the Special Court for Cases of Corruption and Abuse of Power and the Court for the Cases of Family and Children in Ulaanbaatar. 


The List of Projects and Measures to be Undertaken in 2024 by the State Procurement Agency Approved 


The Cabinet approved the lists of projects and measures to be implemented by the State Procurement Agency, projects and measures, which rights will be transferred to the capital city and aimags, and goods and services to be purchased under the general contract. 


The General Budget Governors were tasked with submitting the technical description, feasibility study, blueprints, and other necessary documents of each project to the State Procurement Agency, the Governor's office of Ulaanbaatar city, and aimags by December 1, 2023. They were also assigned to conduct procurements promptly, adhering to laws and regulations and principles of avoiding conflicts of interest or corruption. 


Procurement shall be conducted through the public procurement system of Mongolia ( Procurement action must be included in the procurement plan, and tender invitations and results must be punctually published in the electronic system.

In 2024, 692 new projects and measures will be financed by the state budget.


 The Feasibility Study of the Subway Construction Project in Ulaanbaatar to be Developed 


In order to implement Mongolia's development policies "Vision-2050" and "New Revival Policy," the Minister of Mongolia, Chair of the National Committee on the Reduction of Traffic Congestion in Ulaanbaatar B. Delgersaikhan, and Governor of the Capital City and the Mayor of Ulaanbaatar Kh. Nyambaatar were tasked to organize works for the construction of high-capacity public transport (metro) in Ulaanbaatar city between 2024-2027.


The relevant members of the Government were assigned to conduct preliminary estimates and sources for the construction of high-capacity public transport (metro) in the transverse direction, including Peace Avenue, and submit the proposal to the State Great Khural by 2023. Necessary costs for the development of the feasibility study of the project, detailed blueprint, and other documents of the project will be included in the capital's budget for 2024. 

Proposal to Renew Administrative and Territorial Units of Ulaanbaatar City

The Governor of the Capital City and the Mayor of Ulaanbaatar Nyambaatar Khishgee introduced the issue of renewing the division of administrative and territorial units of the capital. Accordingly, the relevant Cabinet Members were assigned to establish a working group in charge of developing a draft law and to provide professional and methodological assistance. 


Nine districts and 204 khoroos differ in terms of population density, migration, concentration, economic potential, and social infrastructure, and the current division of administrative and territorial units of the capital is structurally complicated for the administrative units to expand and provide quality and affordable public services.

Therefore, the functions a total of 213 administrative and territorial units of the capital should be evaluated and make the distribution more effective and efficient.


A proposal to divide the administrative and territorial units of Ulaanbaatar into 42 units was developed by the Governor's Office of the Capital City and Districts' Governor's Office considering the Ulaanbaatar City Master Plan and partial development plan of the capital city, population concentration, social infrastructure, and geographical location. The new division is said to meet the long and mid-term development policy of Mongolia, the goals of decentralization, efficient delivery of public services, and distribution of administrative and territorial units for ensuring independent economic development.


61 Entities are Restricted to Participate in the Tender

At the Cabinet meeting, Minister of Finance of Mongolia B. Javkhlan presented the results of state inspectors’examination of entities, whose right to participate in tenders is to be restricted. The Minister informed that 61 entities will be added to the existing 40 entities in the blacklist. Detailed information on the registration of entities whose right to participate in tenders is restricted is accessible:

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