Turning point of IHC team

2023-02-05 17:15:48

Ulaanbaatar, February 5, 2023 /MONTSAME/. Six years ago, The MongolZ team from Mongolia participated in IEM Katowice. Since then, the Mongolian IHC team has qualified for the group stage of the IEM2023 tournament.

One of the biggest tournaments IEM Katowice 2023 by the ESL, the esports organizer in CS: GO,   is taking place from February 1st to 12th  with a prize pool of USD 1 million.

Mongolian IHC esports team was invited to the Play-In by its regional rank among 15 world teams.

At the Play-In stages, IHC esports has shown spectacular performances:

1.         IHC esports 5:16 Cloud 9, with the outcome of dropping to the lower bracket.

2.         IHC esports 2:0 paiN gaming

3.         IHC esports 2:1 Furia esports. The team qualified for the Group stage. That is how Mongolian IHC secured the Group stage IEM2023.

The Mongolian IHC E-Sports CS:GO team will play in the lower bracket of Group A or the elimination round against the Cloud9 on February 5-6 at 2:30 AM /GMT+8/ in the BO3 format.

In the Play-In stage against the Cloud9 team, the IHC team was defeated with a 5-16 loss on the Mirage map, but today they have a chance to get revenge in the BO3 game. It is an important match as the losing team will end the tournament.