Decisions Made at the Cabinet Meeting

2023-01-26 08:57:55

Ulaanbaatar, January 26, /MONTSAME/ At its regular meeting on January 25, the Cabinet made the following decisions:

The new structure of the National Committee for preparation for the Olympics was approved
 A new structure of the National Committee in charge of preparatory works of national teams, which will participate in the Olympics and Paralympics
was approved. The National Committee will be headed by the Prime Minister of Mongolia.

The preparatory works including selection and establishing the national team which will participate in Summer Olympics in 2024 and Winter Olympics in 2026, organizing the swearing-in ceremony, and other preparatory works, have already started.

A working group was established to develop proposals and conclusions for the implementation of anti-corruption work  

In the framework of the goal to intensify the anti-corruption measures, included in the “Vision-2050” long-term development policy of Mongolia, the New Recovery Policy, and the 2020-2024 Action Plan of the Government of Mongolia, a working group was established to develop methodologies to eliminate bureaucracy, consolidate public opinions, study best practices of foreign countries and formulate proposals and conclusions for effective implementation of anti-corruption works.

Brief news

The Cabinet decided to set the rate of customs duty on imported 92 octane gasoline at 0 percent from January 30, 2023, to January 1, 2024, and relevant officials were tasked to take measures to stabilize the supply and retail prices of gasoline and diesel fuel sold in the domestic market at a certain level and oversee their implementation.  

Conclusions and recommendations for a bill to amend the Law on budget, initiated and drafted by the member of State Great Khural G. Temuulen were discussed at the Cabinet meeting and the Cabinet decided to convey some of them to the bill initiator. The bill initiator drafted this bill to amend the Law on the Budget in order to ensure stability, completeness, and accuracy of budget, to create a legislative environment for proper budget management and accountability, and to clarify the mechanisms of public participation, external control, and state audit in the budgetary process of the Government.

·      After discussing and supporting the draft agreement between the Government of Mongolia and the Government of the Republic of Maldives on the mutual exemption from visa requirements for holders of diplomatic, official, and ordinary passports, it was decided to issue an order of the Prime Minister on granting the right to sign the agreement.

The Cabinet decided to award the 69th grand champion (yokozuna) of Japanese professional Sumo wrestling Hakuho M. Davaajargal, with the trophy named after the Prime Minister for recognizing his absolute victories, records set in sumo wrestling and contribution to promoting Mongolian strength and ingenuity.

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