Gradual way to get a warm house

2020-12-02 13:00:58

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/Did you know that gradually insulating your home step by step can improve the insulation of your home fully and prolong the house’s longevity?

If you haven’t heard about it, please pay attention.

Switch Off Air Pollution project allows people living in ger districts to live in comfortable houses with low heat loss, fully insulated by gradually insulating their houses step by step. Complete insulation of houses can reduce heat loss by up to 70 percent and reduce coal consumption, but the Switch Off Air Pollution project is introducing a step-by-step method of insulation, as not all households can afford to fully insulate at once.

Households with minimal amount of investment can first insulate high heat-loss areas, such as windows, doors, and floors, with the low cost materials, and our simple solutions of 150.000MNT can reduce heat loss by up to 8 percent. Furthermore, if you insulate the roof by 5-cm insulation, it can reduce heat loss by 14 % and add 5-cm insulation again on roof, it will decrease more than 18 % heat loss. Accordingly, increasing the roof insulation thickness to 20-cm will reduce heat loss by up to 35%.

The main advantage of the roof insulation is the ability to put another material on top, which means that you can increase the insulation from 5 cm to 20 cm reaching the thickness by the Construction code. After that, by replacing windows, insulating the walls and foundation, you will have full insulation of the house and it reduce the total heat loss of the house by up to 70 percent. Insulating the house and keeping the house warm will decrease the frequency of burning fuel a day and increase comfort. In addition, the reduction of coal consumption will reduce the amount of particle matters inside the house, which will have a positive effect on health. Insulating your home is a huge contribution to reducing air pollution in Ulaanbaatar. Also, insulating your house is not a one-time big job, we can insulate step by step. You can start to feel the thermal comfort right now instead of waiting to install the insulation fully when your savings reach.

How do you insulate your house by the Switch Off Air Pollution project?

Households can call +976-75052000 to request Technical Assessment in the house by the Energy Advisors. The Technical assessment ranges from 20.000MNT-50.000MNT depending on the location of the household. The Energy Advisor will evaluate the house and gives the price list adjusted to the house depending on insulation work and materials. Households can pay for the insulation yourself, or can apply for the Xac bank green loan with an annual interest fee of 8%. If the household is qualified for the loan, insulation will work start after signing the loan agreement. Once the certified insulation materials are delivered from the supplier to the household, brigades will complete the insulation work within a week. Upon completion of the work, the Energy Advisor will do the quality check and insulation work will be completed after Energy Auditor has calculated the amount of heat loss in the house.

To make it easier for households to obtain information on insulation prices and insulation materials, the project runs the website Interested households can access the website and provide information about the house, make a preliminary estimate of the materials and labor required for the insulation, and request a Technical Assessment if desired.

About Switch Off Air Pollution:

Co-financed by the European Union under the Switch Asia programme, with additional support from Abbe Pierre Foundation, Czech Development Agency and the French Development Agency; the Switch Off Air Pollution project is being implemented by Geres Mongolia, in collaboration with Building Energy Efficiency Center of the Mongolian University of Science and Technology,  Mongolian National Construction Association and People in Need INGO during the 2018-2021 period.

Project website -

About Geres Mongolia:

Geres is an international NGO with expertise in energy and development, with over 40 years of experience in Europe, Africa, and Asia improving living conditions of the people and fighting against the impacts of climate change.


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