65 thousand CO detectors to be distributed

2020-03-24 15:28:04

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. In accordance with the government’s decision to distribute carbon monoxide detectors to each household in Ger districts in Ulaanbaatar to prevent from accidental CO poisoning, more than 70 thousand households have received CO detectors so far since December 2019. 

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, CO detector producing factories in China had suspended their operations, and distribution of CO detectors to the remaining households was forced to halt. 

On March 22, Ulaanbaatar city’s Governor’s office reported that 65 thousand CO detectors have arrived in Ulaanbaatar city. 

The Ulaanbaatar city Emergency Management Department and the Air Pollution Reduction Department of the Capital City have received the CO detectors and conducted required disinfection on the shipment. 

To avoid gathering in groups, the CO detectors will be distributed by officers at each administrative subdivision in Ger districts in coming days. 

Head of the Air Pollution Reduction Department of the Capital City J.Davaajargal said that air polluting particulates in the city have decreased by 51 percent and PM2.5 reduced by 40 percent each compared to the same period of last year, as raw coal consumption has been forbidden for the city-wide use of 'smokeless' refined coal briquettes since March 2019 as an effort to reduce air pollution.