Mongolia seeks closer economic ties with U.S.

2020-02-20 19:02:36

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. Next month, Parliament Speaker G.Zandanshatar is planning to pay a visit to the USA. In connection with the visit, yesterday, on February 20, Parliamentary Standing Committee discussed and backed a draft resolution on strengthening the Mongolia and the U.S partnership. 

The resolution is intended to be an update of a 1998 concurrent resolution in support of efforts to foster friendship and cooperation between the United States and Mongolia, to meet mutual goals and in line with future trends, as presented by Minister of Foreign Affairs D.Tsogtbaatar. 

He introduced at the meeting that the resolution, promoting the development of the Strategic Partnership as well as a broader economic partnership, will show Mongolia’s willingness to intensify economic ties with the USA and will bring impetus to the US Congress approval of the ‘Mongolia Third Neighbor Trade Act’. 

“This draft, upon approval, has a great significance to the strengthening of Mongolia’s third neighbor policy and national security.” said the Minister. In July 2019, Mongolia and the USA brought their relations to a new level - Strategic Partnership.

The Mongolian Parliament is expected to review the draft by summoning an irregular session before the Speaker’s visit as its regular spring session for 2020 is scheduled to open on April 5. 

Also at the meeting, Minister D.Tsogtbaatar presented an issue of opening Consulate General of Mongolia to Chicago, where more than 8 thousand Mongolian nationals are residing in.