500 coronavirus detection kits to arrive in Mongolia tomorrow

2020-02-10 14:28:33

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. The Ministry of Health held a press briefing today, February 7, on the latest situation surrounding the novel coronavirus outbreak. 

In late January, the Health Ministry officials informed that around MNT 4.2 billion is budgeted from the government’s reserve fund to prevent from the coronavirus infections and prepare healthcare facilities. 

At today’s briefing, D.Narantuya, Director of the Finance and Economics Department of the Health Ministry informed that the MNT 4.2 billion funding will be spent on purchasing essential supplies, including medical equipment, protective gears and single-use medical devices, for healthcare organizations to prevent the spread of coronavirus. “Purchasing contracts will be made within this week.”

Moreover, Ms. D.Narantuya said that the last portion of the medical equipment worth MNT 4.2 from the Asian Development Bank will be supplied to Mongolia by February 25. 

“Single-use protective suits and masks and medical equipment are being delivered through several assistance and loans from international organizations and foreign countries. By tomorrow, 500 pieces of novel coronavirus detection device provided by the World Health Organization will arrive in Mongolia. 

On January 28, 200 detection kits arrived in Mongolia from Japan and as of February 5, around 100 of them are left at the National Center for Communicable Disease.