Sport climbing center 'Olympic' opens

2019-11-04 12:30:48

In recent years, the popularity of sport climbing is growing rapidly among children and youth around the world. That's why sport climbing will be part of the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics. Likewise, the popularity of the sport is growing in Mongolia also.  In addition to the modern sport climbing to mountain sports, ice climbing is also likely to enter the 2022 Winter Olympic games.


One of the major obstacles for our athletes to reach the success of other athletes from other countries has been a lack of material basis. On October 18, 2019, a sport climbing center opened its doors, launching its 14 meter-high sport climbing wall Tonkhil Soum, Gobi-Altai province, the western border region. The new mountain sports club center was established by the  “Sutain Bor” mountain sports club from Tonkhil Soum. The club was named after the one of the first Mountain climbing master Jantsan Ya. The center was aptly named 'Olympic Sport Climbing center'. The center becomes a guarantee for a two-way technique to be practiced -- speed and lead. A speed climbing for ice climbing was added to speed sport climbing wall. The funding was made by "Sutain Bor" club, Governor's office of Gobi-Altai province and other donor organizations and individuals. The soum’s secondary school's new gymnasium, which is being built, will have a new bouldering wall.


 It is the first ever sport climbing center not only in Western Mongolia but also in Mongolia, creating possibility to organize domestic and international sport climbing competitions; additionally, local children, youth, and athletes can train at the center to improve their skill.


Incidentally, Gobi-Altai province’s Tonkhil soum is the home to the mountaineers. It is also the birthplace of one of the first six Mongolian sports master -- Jantsan Ya. was born in Tonkhil soum. The first master of mountain sport Jantsan Ya. was not just a mountain climber, but he was a mountaineer who established the rock climbing foundation in our country. In 1969, from his climbing drills in the Tatra Mountains in Poland and the Dresden Climbing Wall in Germany, it is believed from that excursion of the modern sports climbing field was developed in Mongolia.


There are many athletes with mountain sports recognition who hails from Tonkhil soum. Today there are two athletes with international masters recognition and 23 athletes with title of sports masters in high climbing, sport climbing and ice climbing from Tonkhil soum.

 A.Batsukh,  Board member of “Sutain Bor” Club, PhD