First International Women’s Forum taking place

2019-09-18 12:03:07

Initiated by the Mongolian Women’s Federation (MWF), the First International Women’s Forum ‘For Better Future’ commenced today at the State House.


The forum attendees are holding discussions on three topics‘Sexual violence against girls and women’, ‘Women’s participation in decision-making’ and ‘Women’s economic independence’, sharing countries’ good practices on women’s engagement in politics, society and economy and ensuring their rights.


Prime Minister U.Khurelsukh attended the opening of the forum and wished success to the delegates and guests. He stressed that being free from violence, ensuring women’s rights and gender equality are becoming the main criteria of the country’s prosperity. To create safe and favorable living condition to our girls and women and so that they are employed and having income, the Government will closely collaborate with non-governmental and civil society organizations, especially with MWF.


More than 100 delegates and guests from over 10 countries and Mongolia’s capital city, provinces, soums and districts are taking part in the ‘For Better Future’ forum, which will run for three days.

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