Przewalski’s mares successfully transported from Prague Zoo

2019-06-19 12:28:31

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Four Przewalski’s mares were successfully transported from the Czech Republic to Mongolia today, on June 19.

The Czech army aircraft brought the mares from Prague Zoo to Mongolia for the ninth time. Thanks to the efforts of Czech and Mongolian experts, the population of Przewalski’s horse in Gobi B Special Protected Area (SPA) is growing with every year. With this transportation, a total of 35 Przewalski’s horses were brought to Mongolia from the European zoos this year.

Prior to the transportation of Przewalski’s horses, the Prague Zoo launched a fundraising campaign titled ‘Letter from Mongolia’, which attracted the attention of the locals. Members of the Mongolian team sent letters to every person who donated to the campaign and all the proceeds from the campaign will go to the wildlife preservation fund for endangered species in Mongolia including Gobi bear, saiga antelope and wild camel.

Moreover, the Prague Zoo will present off-road vehicle and motorcycle to the preservationists working in Gobi B SPA.