Young Hollywood actor portrays Mongolian herder boy

Art & Culture
2019-05-22 14:23:01

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. The Burn Your Maps film directed by the famous Hollywood director Jordan Roberts will be officially released in the coming month. The film plot revolves around a young boy who dreams of becoming a Mongolian herder, who is played by a young actor named Jacob Trambley known for his role in The Room.


Lead actress of the Conjuring and Bates Motel Vera Farmiga and the actor known for his roles in the films, the Equalizer and Aeonflux, Marton Csokas also played as the main roles in the film.

With the release of the film with roles played by famous Hollywood actors, it created a big opportunity to promote Mongolia to the world. The running time of the Burn Your Maps is 102 minutes.