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2017-07-17 14:56:01
True artists never back down; they understand that they are the sons and daughters of a nation.  Many Mongolian artists are acknowledged around the world and they glorify Mongolia's talented people.  

Ballet and Oirat biyelgee

It was a historic new era opening for the Mongolian performing art scene when a young Mongolian ballet dancer was chosen to dance the main role at the US Boston Ballet in 2007.  Altankhuyag Dugaraa has since been working at the Boston Ballet and often performs by invitation at Italian La Scala, Harvard University, and Boston University.  Altankhuyag’s talent and active efforts to advance ballet development in Mongolia have already made a name for himself.  In 2010, he established the Mongolian Ballet Development Foundation to promote ballet, and train young ballet performers in Mongolia.  Hailing from Khovd Aimag where traditional Mongolian dance form bii biyelgee is famous, Altankhuyag has successfully expressed Mongolian folk dance moves through classical ballet, thus drawing audiences to his spectacular performances.  Last summer, he invited international ballet stars to Mongolia for the 5th ‘Night of Ballet’ annual show.


The proficiency of Mongolian classical dancers hasn't been demonstrated by Altankhuyag alone.  Last year, three young ballet dancers proved the high level of development of classical performing arts in Mongolia.  Those were soloists of Mongolian State Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet Gantsooj Otgonbyamba who won a special prize, Anujin Otgontugs who took a bronze medal in the senior female category, and Khatanbaatar Odongoo winner of a finalist diploma in the junior category at the 2016 Korea International Ballet Competition.


Folk arts have distinguished Mongolia on the global performing arts platform. Our influential artists grasped this notion and created a new style that artistically combines folk dance steps and manners with modern arts.


This is an excerpt from an article originally appeared on the Mongolia Today magazine's issue No. 1 /40/ for January - March 2017. 
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