New technology products against air pollution introduced

2017-01-10 14:42:41

With an aim to reduce air pollution, new technologies to provide households with electric heating and to improve insulation of houses and gers are being introduced. A technology fair, where over 50 companies displayed their products, opened yesterday at ‘Misheel expo’ expo hall. The Government made decision to provide ger district residents with free electricity for nighttime use and the fair has been organized to help people to choose products.

Electric heaters, air cleaning equipment, compressed fuels made of industry waste including sawdust and shell of nuts, and masks are on display. Products which developed by Mongolian engineers or co-produced with foreign companies attracted the visitors of the fair.   

‘Arya’ company introduced its set of insulation materials for Mongolian traditional ger. This new technology based insulation materials have been proved with tests that it keeps warm equal to 6- layer felt covering. “- The inner layer is made of aluminum laminate/shield and outer layer is of water resistant synthetic polystrol. In addition, our set contains floor insulation material, which is useable instead of wooden floor. Using the set, allows ger to get warm in short period and the warm can be kept for some 12 hours.  Price of our set is MNT1.250.000, which means cheaper than traditional materials for ger warming and insulation” said director of ‘Arya’ company Z.Zoljargal. The company also offers to customers its eco-stove pipe, which impulses to complete combustion of fuels and filters smoke.

Prime Minister J.Erdenebat and Minister of Environment, Green Development and Tourism D.Oyunkhorol visited the fair and the Prime Minister promised to meet the company delegates in the near future to discuss the effectiveness of their product and how to introduce their new technology products.