Khan Bank opens self-service express banking centers in cities

2015-10-12 16:02:46

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Khan Bank reported last Friday it opened self-service Express Banking Centers equipped with Recycle ATMs and available 24 hours a day in Darkhan and Erdenet on October 6.

The Express Banking Centers has been opened at Khan Bank branches such as the Business Loan Center and the International Trade Center in Darkhan, as well as at the Orkhon branch of Khan Bank in Erdenet. Present at the ceremony were branch managers of the Bank of Mongolia (BoM); chairs of the Citizens Representatives Councils; other officials, employees of branches and representatives of customers.

In his speech, a branch manager at the BoM underlined that "Khan Bank retains its leading position continuously time and offers products and services tailored to the demands and needs of its customers". "At this time, the Bank also introduced highly demanded new service in rural areas". The self-service Express Banking Centers, appreciated by customers and having received good feedback from them, provide wide range of options to make cash deposit and withdrawal transactions, all types of payments and settlements, and make internet banking transactions through specialized internet banking E-Corners.

The Recycle ATMs installed at the Express Banking Centers are the first ATMs of Mongolia enabling customers to deposit or withdraw up to MNT 5 million or 250 banknotes at one time. Khan Bank opened its self-service Express Banking Centers in more populated areas of six districts in Ulaanbaatar. The self-service Express Banking Centers in Darkhan and Erdenet provide local residents with the opportunity to receive banking services by using Khan Bank payment cards, the bank’s website says.