Government sets out to boost agricultural exports

Economy | Agriculture
2020-01-15 15:51:08

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. At its meeting of today, Cabinet resolved to announce 2020 as a year to increase exports. 

Certain actions and targets were considered to be achieved this year, such as exporting the livestock animal-oriented raw materials and products through actions of coordinating the livestock animal population growth with economical capacity and ensuring all safety and hygienic requirements in all meat processing factories. 

Moreover, establishment of networks for supply chain, first stage processing, storage and transportation of animal-oriented products and materials in rural areas and development of export marketing plan, partnership building to intensify foreign trade turnover, and maintain relevant veterinary standards are outlined in the government plan. 

Considering the total number of population of livestock animals, around 20 million heads of livestock animals are available for both domestic and foreign demands, 13 million of them or 355 thousand tons of meat for domestic consumption and 7 million animals or around 175 thousand tons of meat are can be exported to foreign markets, the cabinet secretariat reports. 

In 2018, exports of agricultural commodities totaled USD 643 million, accounting for 9.2 percent of total export revenue.