21.6 million livestock offspring being cared nationwide

Economy | Agriculture
2019-06-11 16:01:08

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. The Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry reported that there have been around 21.6 million livestock offspring nationwide.

Of total expected 29.7 million dam livestock counted at the start of the year, 74.5 percent delivered young animals, with 98 percent survival.  

As for the pasture growth, 30 percent of the country is seen good while 60 percent and 10 percent have been considered average and poor respectively. The areas that are considered good include most parts of Khuvsgul, Bulgan, Selenge and Dornod aimags and some soums of Bayan-Ulgii, Khovd, Uvs, Zavkhan, Govi-Altai, Bayankhongor, Arkhangai, Uvurkhangai, Tuv, Khentii, Sukhbaatar, Umnugobi and Dornogobi aimags. It means this year's pasture growth is higher by 10 percent than the last year's. 

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