Harvesting running at 46 percent in Selenge aimag

Economy | Agriculture
2018-10-10 15:14:26

Ulaanbaatar/MONTSAME/ The rural working trip of Mongolia’s Prime Minister continues in Selenge aimag.

In Selenge aimag, there are 350 agrarian entities and 150 individuals working on 305.5 thousand hectares of areas. The aimag utilizes its farming areas completely, by annually sowing grain, animal fodder and oil plants on 180 thousand hectares of area and preparing 140 thousand hectares of fallow land. Presently, the aimag’s harvesting is running at 46 percent, reported Sh.Orgil, governor of the aimag.

About  pressing issues for the aimag, the governor told the PM that if a 110km earth road named ‘Grain road’ that passes through territories of four soums is paved, it will be very helpful to thousands of farmers.  

The aimag is striving to have its own potato variety ‘Selenge’, for which the aimag is collaborating with ‘Elite seeds’ company.

Sixteen out of the aimag’s 17 soums are regarded as the farming region, which makes a necessity to transfer pasturing livestock into intensified animal husbandry, to fence farming areas as well as others.