Ministry of Environment works on official tour routes

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2018-03-16 15:38:20
The Ministry of Environment and Tourism is working on official sightseeing tour routes in Mongolia as to increase the number of tourists visiting each year. 
On March 12 N.Tserenbat, Minister of Environment and Tourism held a press conference following his official visit to the Federal Republic of Germany where he attended the 52nd ITB Berlin, the world’s largest travel trade show, in Berlin on March 7-11.  Accoreding to the minister, a new strategy is expected to be adopted by the Cabinet this April. 
From Mongolia, the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, the Ulaanbaatar City Tourism Department, Mongolian Tourism Association and companies such as MIAT Airlines, Great Genghis, Expedition, Juulchin World Tours and others, participated in ITB Berlin, promoting Mongolia tourism.
Moreover, the Minister attended the 8th UNWTO Silk Road Ministers’ Meeting, held during the 2018 ITB Berlin.  The 8th UNWTO Silk Road Ministers’ Meeting focused on the long-term vision for tourism along the historic Silk Road routes and how to establish the Silk Road as the most important transnational route of the 21st century.  With the theme '2025 Silk Road Tourism Agenda', the ministers and heads of national tourism administrations shared their main ideas and strategies which brings 34 countries together.

On the sidelines of the event, N.Tserenbat met with Zurab Pololikashvili, Secretary-General of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), and Hans-Joachim Fuchtel, Parliamentary State Secretary to the Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development and exchanged views on cooperation issues.
During the meeting with Zurab Pololikashvili, they discussed establishing an International Tourism Research Center in Mongolia, introducing international standards and methodology of UNWTO in Mongolia, developing the country’s tourism statistics as well as other issues.  In addition, the Minister gave an interview to Germany’s agency and reported on Mongolian tourism.
Tourism Ministry organizes an Open Week
On March 14-21, the Ministry of Environment and Tourism is organizing an Open Week event.  During the open week, the Ministry created a database of all the complaints and requests forwarded by citizens to come up with recommendations on how to improve its functions.  Visitors are able to receive information on the Ministry’s current activities and measures taken in the sector.
Minister N.Tserenbat set an objective to increase the number of foreign tourists visiting Mongolia to one million per year.  The latest figures of foreign travelers visiting Mongolia reveal that the number of visitors reached 542.7 thousand in 2017, showing a 15.2 percent increase against the previous year.  The National Statistics Office reported that 469.3 thousand or 86.5 percent of foreign passengers visited Mongolia for tourism purposes, showing an increase of 65.1 thousand passengers or 16.1 percent compared to the previous year. 
Answering questions from the press about main measures the Ministry is taking to achieve the goal, the Minister said, “Mongolia has been attending ITB-Berlin for the last 14 years.  But other countries that have attended with us over the years saw visible growth in tourism.  Therefore, the Ministry is working to frame official tour routes, the approval of which will clarify Mongolia’s tourism policy priorities.  The Cabinet is working to increase tourism revenue.”

Answering a question on air pollution reduction measures, the Minister said, “Certain measures were approved to reduce air pollution and some have been carried out.  The National Committee for Environmental Pollution Reduction will meet this week to review its 2018 plan and activities.”
The Minister was also asked about progress on the new wastewater treatment plant project and said, “There’s a working group at the Ministry in charge of the project, and other sub-working groups.  Professional recommendations have been given regarding the environmental assessment, control of odor and transportation of silt.  The working groups have not met to make a final decision.”
The full story can be read on the 11th issue of the Mongol Messenger. 
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