Mongolian film wins Altan Khalis award

Art & Culture
2017-06-13 16:00:27
Ulaanbaatar/MONTSAME/ On June 9-11, the fifth Altan Khalis Independent Film Festival took place in Ulaanbaatar. The festival has been known as the first and foremost experimental film festival in Central Asia as Golden Reel International Underground Film Festival for 4 years. Starting from 2015, the film festival is broadening its reach of filmmaking world and, more than 260 films of 60 countries were sent and only 25 were selected this year. 
This time, a Mongolian film “Seeing others in me” by D.Zolbayar won the Altan Khalis award for the first time. In previous years, foreign filmmakers won the awards. 
This film festival aims to encourage artists and filmmakers to push the boundaries of conservative and conventional forms of filmmaking and provide a platform for aspiring young filmmakers to explore and experiment with alternative cinema, and showcase their burgeoning talents to a growing audience of movie-lovers. 
The award winners of the festival became eligible to send their films to Athens film festival for nomination. 

The followings are the award winners of the Altan Khalis Independent Film Festival 2017.