Transportation of Hay and Feed for Livestock Starts to Aimags and Soums Experiencing Harsh Wintering

2024-02-19 17:28:30

Ulaanbaatar, 2024 February 19 /MONTSAME/. Due to continued heavy snowfalls and storms in recent days, the wintering situation has worsened almost throughout the country. Today, the transportation of hay and feed for the herders to the countryside starts.  The Government decided to distribute 20 thousand tons of hay and feed from the State and Aimag’ Reserve Fund free of charge to aimags and soums which experiencing harsh wintering.


Six emergency groups under the Government Ministers were formed, and the groups set out for the countryside. Mr. Amarsaikhan Sainbuyan, Deputy Prime Minister is working in Dundgobi aimag today.


The Government of Mongolia and the State Emergency Commission are taking all the necessary actions to minimize the risk of dzud disaster, as the livestock sector, the backbone of the economy of Mongolia is experiencing extremely harsh wintering.


Urgent measures are being carried out including providing health and social care services constantly to herders on encampments, organizing search and rescue operations, allocating discounted hay and feed, clearing roads and mountain passes blocked by heavy snowfall, and moving the families from disaster areas. All expenses for these actions are ordered to be released from the Government Reserve Fund.  


As of February 18, 2024, a total of 667841 head of livestock perished and 80 percent of the territory of Mongolia is covered with thick snow, reaching to 100 cm in some parts. 

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