New Governor of Ulaanbaatar takes office

2020-10-26 13:16:18

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ At the first meeting of the newly formed Citizens’ Representative Khural of the Capital City (City Council) convened on October 23, members supported D.Sumiyabazar to be nominated as Mayor and Governor of Ulaanbaatar city.

Prime Minister U.Khurelsukh confirmed D.Sumiyabazar, who received majority  votes (71.1 percent) from the representatives of Citizens’ Representatives’ Khural, as the new Governor of the capital city. Consequently, at 18:30 p.m., of October 23, Mr. Sumyabazar received the seal of the Governor of the capital  city. Chairman of the Citizens’ Representative Khural J.Batbayasgalan handed over the seal of the Governor of the Capital city along with “Vision 2050” Mongolia’s long-term development program and Ulaanbaatar city Development Policy Documents untill 2040.

In his remarks delivered at the event, Governor of the Capital city and Mayor of Ulaanbaatar D.Sumiyabazar emphasized that state affairs and succession must go on continuously. Number of works such as wintering preparation are awaited  in Ulaanbaatar city. Ulaanbaatar city, where 50 percent of entire population of the country resides,  makes up 68 percent of the country’s economy and 85 percent of monetary circulation. We will cooperate with the Cabinet and the Parliament further to resolve pressing issues in the capital at stages. Development of the capital city will define the country’s development trend.

Incidentally, as it is impossible for the Member of Parliament of Mongolia to have another job, except specific types of jobs outlined in the related laws, the Parliament accepted D.Sumyabazar's request to resign from the parliament at its regular meeting dated on October 23.

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