Nalaikh International Logistics Park to be established

2020-05-20 17:27:28

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ At its regular meeting on May 19, Ulaanbaatar city council approved a draft resolution to set up an international logistics park as part of the building material wholesale and retail center to be built in Nalaikh district.

"Public and private sectors are partnering on the commercial and logistics facilities project. The logistics park will first cover 10 ha," said officer in charge of innovation and technology projects of the capital city M.Khaliunbat.

MNT 21.2 billion has been provided for the infrastructure development phase of the building material park project from the state and Ulaanbaatar city budgets. 71 businesses so far have submitted their requests to operate at the park and 6 of the 27 companies that entered into an agreement with the relevant authorities have already started their production.

The goals of 2020 General Development Plan and 2020 Development Vision of Ulaanbaatar includes setting up logistics centers in satellite cities along rail lines in the western, eastern, and southern parts of Ulaanbaatar to boost regional logistics, reduce traffic in the capital city, and relocate some industrial and commercial facilities out of the city.

The building material wholesale and retail center and Nalaikh International Logistics Park are expected to provide 20 thousand people with full-time jobs and contribute MNT 20-30 billion to the state budget in taxes. Moreover, relocation of the facilities will free up 1,200 ha areas in Ulaanbaatar, opening up and opportunity to increase urban green spaces, and develop light industry, tourism, and logistics services in Nalaikh district.