2019 recorded as the 5th warm year since 1940

2020-01-21 12:21:23

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. The National Agency of Meteorology and Environment Monitoring reports that the year of 2019 has been the 5th warm year to be recorded in Mongolia since 1940, with the average temperature for 2019 being 1.2°C.

By regions, the average temperature for the southern Gobi region was +6°C to +9.6°C, and the plains, and near the depression of the Great Lakes were +2°C to +5°C, while in the mountainous area of Khangai, and the depression of Darkhad between -4°C to -8°C, and in other areas -1°C to +2°C.


Furthermore, the past year has also been the 35th year with little precipitation since 1940. Some parts of the mountainous areas of Khuvsgul and Khentii, northern Arkhangai, basins of Ider and Tes rivers, Kharkhorin city of Uvurkhangai, and Malchin soum of Uvs have seen 306.9-419 mm of precipitation, while the Gobi and plains, and the depression of the Great Lakes had 69.5-166.2 mm, and 25.1-62.4 mm respectively.