Complex to Khalkhiin Gol Battle erected in Dornod aimag

Khalkh Gol-80
2019-08-29 17:09:50

Dornod /MONTSAME/ A complex to the Battle of Khalkhiin Gol was erected in Choibalsan city of Dornod aimag. The organizing committee for the 80th anniversary of the Victory of Khalkhiin Gol Battle with support from the Culture and Arts Authority built the complex with memorial wall decorated with mosaics opposite of a statue of Mongolia warriors.

The first part of the series depicts the battle period of 1939 through the most critical battle of the days where Russian and Mongolian soldiers defended the motherland with their lives as hundreds of planes battled in the sky. The next part shows soldiers taking off their military overcoats and hastening to contribute to the development of the motherland. The structure was created by artists of the Union of Young Artists with a design made by painter D.Budbayar.

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