Deeltei Mongol Festival to be held on July 10

Art & Culture
2018-07-04 11:29:03
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ ‘Deeltei Mongol Festival’ which aims at promoting Mongolian traditional culture, particularly, the nation's ethnic clothing, possessions, and tangible and intangible heritage of folk arts, increasing youth participation, and developing tourism products and services is to be held at Sukhbaatar Square on July 10.

The 12th festival will be organized by the Capital City Governor’s Office, City Tourism Department, Mongolian Tourism Association and Mongol Costumes LLC. A working group of the event convened their meeting on July 3 and discussed some organizational issues. During the festival, numerous interesting events such as parades of people, organizations and tourism sector’s staff with deel (Mongolia’s traditional clothing), art performances, selection of top participants,  Mongolian customs and tradition town activities and fair of national clothing producers. Guests from Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region of China and Russia are to attend the festival.

The capital city districts will host Mongolian Customs and Tradition Town activities, where they promote Mongolian life, customs, folk arts, culture, games and calligraphy in special gers.  
People who want to take part in the contest for top participants are invited to come with their identification document at Sukhbaatar Square on July 10.