Portraits of 37 Golden lineage Khaans revealed

Art & Culture
2018-02-09 17:36:07
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ The opening of “Statehood and Royalty treasury” exhibition was held at the State history museum. The portraits of Genghis Khaan and Golden lineage Khaans, the 13 tomes of the historical treatise “Mongolian Khans” were revealed at the exhibition.
The portraits of the Mongolian Khaans were created using the realistic style based on the characteristic of Golden lineage Khans, physical and anthropological data on Mongolian people and their appearances described in historical books and treatises. While the Yuan dynasty Khans’ portraits were created using flat style of painting.
The portraits displayed on the exhibition were created by the Union of Mongolian Artists' prized painters including S.Ganbold, Ts.Bold, TS. Otgonbayar and Ch.Alimaa. They created 37 portraits pursuant to instructions of academic council of the Khaadiin San NGO (Khaans' treasury). The portraits were created in six months.