Best wrestlers of the Year of Rooster announced

2018-02-09 14:14:04
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ The Mongolian National Wrestling Federation named the top eight wrestlers of the Year of Rooster and State Khartsaga(Hawk) B.Bat-Ulzii leads the list.

State Khartsaga(State Hawk) O.Khangai ranked 2nd, State Garid U.Bat-Orshikh placed 3rd and followed by  State Zaan(State Elephant) N.Jargalbayar, State Arslan(State Lion) N.Batsuuri, State Zaan(State Elephant) B.Purevsaikhan, State Khartsaga(State Hawk) T.Baasankhuu and State Khartsaga(State Hawk) M.Badarch.

The best wrestlers were selected with their achievements in total of 23 tournaments starting from the Year of Rooster's Lunar New Year wrestling tournament. The prizes of the top eight wrestlers will be granted during the Tsagaan Sar(Lunar New Year).