Project to be continued on strengthening air pollution monitoring

2017-09-12 12:35:34
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ The third stage of a project on strengthening the air pollution monitoring will be implemented.

This project has been implemented since 2010, and its first and second stages were realized in the past seven years.

In accordance with a request to the Government of Japan from the Mongolian Government and the capital city of Mongolia, the project’s third stage is expected to launch from 2018 and continue for five years. Concerning the matter, a protocol of the project was signed on Tuesday by J.Batbayasgalan, Deputy Mayor of UIaanbaatar in charge of Green Development and Air Pollution Affairs, and Yamada Taizo, Chief Specialist of the Japan International Cooperation Agency on Environmental Policy. Before the signing, a meeting was held in order to discuss works to be done within the project. When the protocol is delivered to the Government of Japan, the project’s actions will start.

The project’s first and second stages mainly focused on empowering specialists on the air pollution reduction and the renovation of air pollution monitoring devices in Ulaanbaatar. Apart from this, the air pollution measuring devices were supplied from Japan.