Rehabilitation starts in Nalaikh mine

2017-08-30 17:46:37
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ The rehabilitation of underground mine site in Nalaikh district has started, informed the officials.

The rehabilitation is being organized by Nalaikh City Governor’s Office, along with private entities in the district. Related departments, such as Mining Rescue Team, Emergency Department, Police Department and Professional Inspection Department of National Emergency Management Agency, Emergency, as well as Nalaikh Distribution Center and Customer Service Center of Ulaanbaatar Electricity Distribution Network state-owned joint-stock company are conducting inspections and giving guidance to rehabilitation work.

Governor of Nalaikh District Ch.Radnaabazar said “After we received our office, the first order was to settle issues concerning the mine. This helps resolve the issues, such as people and livestock injuries, subsidence around settlements, which happened several times in the past. Also, the tailings, which was accumulated over many years, is being disposed by cooperating with private entities. Currently, the mine is formalized and operating in partnership. It is possible for these areas to have green zone, instead of open-pits and piled up dirt. I express my sincere gratitude towards all the entities, who helped prosper Nalaikh district”.

Presently, a working team worked is working to bury the open-pits, while the citizens’ group is disposing the waste.