Mongolia-China infrastructure cooperation meeting taking place in Beijing

Economy | Mining
2017-04-26 14:56:35
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ A council meeting of mineral, energy and infrastructure cooperation between Mongolia and the People's Republic of China starts today, April 26, in Beijing. The meeting is being attended by J.Munkhbat, chairman of Mongolian side of the Council and Head of the Cabinet Secretariat, D.Ganbat, Minister of Road and Transport Development, Ts.Dashdorj, Minister of Mining and Heavy Industry, P.Gankhuu, Minister of Energy and other officials. 
Developing friendly relations and cooperation with the People’s Republic of China is one of the priorities of Mongolia as stated in the Foreign Policy Concept document. The meeting will give great impetus to the development of mining, mineral, energy, and infrastructure industries of Mongolia. In particular, issues of cooperation with China on major projects, such as development of Tavan Tolgoi and Shivee Ovoo coal deposits and railway, coal gasification, and copper smelting plants as well as of increasing investment from China are on the agenda of the meeting.

Prior to the meeting, which will be concluded on April 27, the Mongolian delegates will meet with the representatives of the National Development and Reform Commission of China to exchange views on mining, mineral, energy, and infrastructure cooperation of Mongolia and China. Moreover, the delegates will visit the China's Shenhua Group Corp Ltd, and meet with Li Dong, Vice President at the group.