Emeelt park plans to use recycled water

2017-01-03 13:51:19

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Emeelt Light industry and Technology Park plans to use recycled water. Under the planned area of the park, there is a channel system for engineering network and a new line for recycled water is planned to be installed there. Blueprint for the new line for recycled water is being developed by ‘Elsta’ company.

Though Mongolia has recycled water standard, standard of its usage is not yet defined. Therefore, the Emeelt Park requested the Agency for Standardization and Metrology to develop standard for the usage of recycled water. The Emeelt Light Industry and Technology Park was established in September 2014.

The Municipal Government of Ulaanbaatar city is planning to build Emeelt Light industry, and Technology Park in the southeast of the city and move all leather processing tanneries to outside of the city center with a view to reduce their discharge of untreated effluents either to the Central Sewage Treatment Plant or directly into the Tuul River.

The park is planned to have a capacity of end production of 10 million hides and skins. The Park will feature power plant, water treatment plant, leather and wool processing industrial complex, housing zone, warehousing facilities and access to new railway.