Mongolia and China ink over 100 commercial and industrial deals

2015-10-28 18:39:10

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ The First Mongolia-China Expo completed on October 27, after six days of conquering Hohhot city, Inner Mongolian Autonomous region of China. It was organized in frames of mobilization of the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership of Mongolia and the People’s Republic of China.

Some 400 delegates from 230 entities of Mongolia introduced their products to the Inner Mongolia’s market. The host country was represented by 7,500 delegates. The sides held 18 conferences, namely the Mongolia-China commerce and industry summit, cooperation meeting of the two countries’ small and medium enterprises, and roundtable meeting on establishing cross-border free-zone; and inked more than 100 agreements, deals and MoUs.

A MoU on establishing Mongolia-Russia-China economic corridor has been signed, said the Minister of Industry D.Erdenebat, as a combination of Mongolia’s “Steppe Road” project with the Eurasian “Silk Road Economic Zone” initiative.

“Mongolia wants to determine its role in this New Silk Road that crosses 88 countries of Europe and Asia and covers 40 percent of the world economy, by becoming an industrialized economy”, he noted in the opening remarks of the Expo.