About harvesting nationwide

Economy | Agriculture
2015-10-08 16:07:46

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Vegetables and potatoes were planted this year on 512.3 thousand hectares, moreover, it is expected to harvest 265.0 thousand tons of grain, of which 252.3 thousand tons is wheat, also 117.3 thousand tons of potatoes, 75.3 thousand tons of vegetables, 28.7 thousand tons of oil plants and 53.9 thousand tons of fodder plants.

This has been said in a preliminary balance of harvest. Due to weather difficulties, wheat harvest has been lost on 49.9 thousand hectares, so its harvest from 32.5 thousand hectares will be used as a fodder. As expected, some 77% of the wheat will be harvested, which will enable us to receive 53.7% of the harvest planned and to produce 58.2% of flour in needs nationwide.

As of today, 114.2 tons of grain was harvested from 137.2 thousand hectares, 85% of veggies and potatoes collected, which means that 129.4 tons of potatoes were harvested from 10.3 thousand hectares and 58.5 tons of vegetables--from 5.3 thousand hectares.