"The Hu" Band to Perform in Ulaanbaatar City

Art & Culture
2024-06-24 17:21:58

Ulaanbaatar, June 24, 2024 /MONTSAME/. The HU, founders of the "Hunnu Rock" genre and awardee of the Chinggis Khaan Order, will perform a concert in Ulaanbaatar city to commemorate the 103rd Anniversary of the People’s Revolution of Mongolia.

Specifically, they are set to break the ice with a full concert on July 10, 2024, at "Hit Park/". Tickets are priced at MNT 99000, MNT 600000, and MNT 2000000, with three different tiers.

The band will also hold a concert scheduled to take place on July 20, 2024, at the "ARA" Stadium in Tsetserleg, Arkhangai aimag,

The Hu has released their second album, "Rumble of Thunder," which includes 13 tracks such as "Triangle," "Shihi Hutu," "Tatar Warrior," "Black Thunder," and "Mother Nature.

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