CCER trading volume in Sichuan’s carbon market soars by nearly five times YOY

2021-11-19 23:35:34

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. Recently, in the trading hall of Sichuan United Environment Exchange (SUEE), the first of its kind outside China’s carbon emissions trading pilot areas and the eighth in the country, the huge electronic screen has looped more than 50 Chinese Certified Emissions Reductions (CCER) projects from more than 20 provincial-level regions. These projects, from various industries covering wind power, hydropower and photovoltaic power generation, demonstrate the robust vitality of Sichuan’s CCER market. Since early this year, the CCER trading volume in Sichuan has increased by 483% YOY.

SUEE launched its carbon neutrality platform in June 2019. The platform is open to government organizations, public institutions, enterprises and individuals from such fields as food, accommodation services and retails. By the end of 2020, the platform has helped offset over 1,950 tons of emissions under CCER projects, equivalent to the one-day emissions of 220,000-plus private cars.

By July 31, 2021, Sichuan has seen 98 low-carbon social activities attended by more than 8,621 people, offsetting greenhouse gas emissions of 4,828.91 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent.

“By 2022, Sichuan will have set up an innovative carbon neutrality service platform, and various international and national large-scale low-carbon events such as the FISU World University Games will set an example for carbon neutrality. Carbon neutrality is a goal of the province, and will cover more fields,” said an official from the Department of Ecology and Environment of Sichuan Province.

Recently, the Sichuan Scheme for Promoting and Standardizing Carbon Neutrality, the first of kind nationwide, was released. According to the scheme, Sichuan will promote realization of carbon neutrality in social activities. Focusing on activities by organizations and individuals, the scheme allows multiple ways to realize carbon neutrality, including afforestation and purchase of emission credits.

Therefore, Sichuan encourages organizers and operators of competitions, conferences, forums, exhibitions and tourism, production and other activities to pursue carbon neutrality and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, to carry out demonstration projects featuring carbon neutrality relying on forests, grasslands and wetlands for large-scale activities, and to adopt carbon emission reduction measures for carbon neutrality under the international, national and regional carbon credit systems.

Moreover, Sichuan will also create the “Green List” and “Black List” for supervision over carbon neutrality activities, and will promote related service platforms to tap into Tianfu Credit.


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