Ministers of new cabinet appointed

2021-01-30 12:11:01

Ministers of the new cabinet have been just appointed by taking the oath of office to the parliament, after Prime Minister L.Oyun-Erdene issued the ordinance on the appointments. 


Eight of the 16 cabinet members have been newly appointed, while the rest who had been ministers of the previous government have been reappointed. 


Newly appointed cabinet members:


Deputy Prime Minister – MP S.Amarsaikhan 

Head of Cabinet Secretariat – Ts.Nyamdorj

Minister of Environment and Tourism – N.Urtnasan

Minister of Finance – MP B.Javkhlan

Minister of Foreign Affairs – B.Battsetseg

Minister of Culture – Ch.Nomin

Minister of Health – S.Enkhbold 

Minister of Education and Science - MP L.Enkh-Amgalan


Reappointed cabinet members:


Minister of Justice and Internal Affairs - MP Kh.Nyambaatar

Minister of Labor and Social Protection - A.Ariunzaya

Minister of Construction and Urban Development - B.Munkhbaatar 

Minister of Defense – G.Saikhanbayar

Minister of Road and Transport Development - L.Khaltar 

Minister Mining and Heavy Industry - G.Yondon

Minister of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry - Z.Mendsaikhan 

Minister of Energy - N.Tavinbekh 


It is noteworthy that half of the previous cabinet members have been reappointed  and the new cabinet, for the first time has four women ministers, of which 3 have been newly appointed. Moreover, Ts.Nyamdorj, who served as the Minister of Justice and Internal Affairs for many years, has been appointed as the Chief of Cabinet Secretariat. 


The appointments were made in light of the professional qualifications of the nominees. The Steering Committee of the Mongolian People’s Party concluded that certain ministers of the previous cabinet had to be reappointed as it had been stated that the new cabinet would continue with the major railroad, mining, and oil refinery projects launched by the previous cabinet of former Prime Minister U.Khurelsukh and that it is important to make balanced appointments rather than appointing only new faces at this critical time when the country is fighting COVID-19 outbreaks and facing economic challenges.

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