Over 80 businesses source separating in Zavkhan aimag

2020-08-04 14:52:47

Zavkhan /MONTSAME/ Thanks to the Clean Uliastai project carried out by Zavkhan Nogoon Garts Negdel NGO, over 14,000 citizens and 4,000 schoolchildren in Uliastai, capital of Zavkhan aimag, have received information on source separation.

Last summer, with support from the NGO, communities and businesses in Zavkhan aimag had 5.6 tons of sorted waste transported by a recyclable collection truck named Worker Bee.

Citizens who used to dispose of their waste with no source separation are today dumping their waste into at least three separate containers for source separation.


According to Zavkhan Nogoon Garts Negdel, over 80 businesses based in the aimag  have started source separating in support of the NGO’s initiative and some households are also separating their waste at source through DIY bins and having the sorted waste transported by the Worker Bee truck. Also, 5 schools have started using source separation bins.