ADB: Mongolia showing a good example in the world

2020-03-20 19:18:42

Yesterday, on March 19, Deputy Prime Minister U.Enkhtuvshin received ADB Country Director for Mongolia Mr. Pavit Ramachandran.

Mr. Pavit Ramachandran briefed activities being fulfilled within the responsive measures being taken by the Asian Development Bank against coronavirus. In particular, he presented about ‘Health Sector Development Program- 5 project’ being realized in affiliation with the Ministry of Health and adoption of technical assistance project.

He said that ADB is delightful with ongoing actions by the Government of Mongolia and the State Emergency Commission (SEC) over the coronavirus infection. Mr. Pavit Ramachandran also remarked that Mongolia is showing a good example in the world today. Especially, we see that truly decisive decisions made in the early stage of the infection brought positive results. The ADB is conducting regional surveillance studies in this special and harsh time. And we are considering several versions on rendering support and assistance to Mongolia as taking into consideration that the country’s economic situation is likely to become difficult.  

In response, Deputy PM U.Enkhtuvshin thanked for high appreciation for the activities being implemented by the Government and the SEC. He underlined that as a Deputy Prime Minister of Mongolia, today I signed two significant documents- ‘Strategy on prevention and responsive actions against coronavirus pandemic’ and ‘Responsive action plan on coronavirus pandemic’. The two documents will become a leverage to coordinate inter-sectorial activities and enhance coherence between the Government and public organizations. Support from the ADB will be needed to carry out the measures reflected in the plans. 

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  • James Bowden 76 days

    While Mongolia may be the safest place from the virus the real impact is that foreign teachers are suffering. We have no pay and are operating on budgets that threaten to make us homeless and unable to pay for food because Mongolian parents have not paid their school bills. We are suffering and many foreign teachers and staffer might have to leave Mongolia at the earliest moment possible, as soon as the borders open, just to survive. The uncaring Mongolian parents have hurt us and will hurt the education of their children. If the Mongolian government does not reach out and help foreign teachers and all teachers it will hurt education for a long, long time. WE NEED HELP! Also, I'd like to get mail from abroad which has also been massively disrupted.