Pair of swans kept safe and warm

2020-01-13 16:18:55

Khuvsgul /MONTSAME/ A pair of swans that has not migrated from Lake Khuvsgul to warm country this autumn, are being kept safe and warm.

The swans passed the autumn on lakeside around Jankhai and it became unavailable for them to inhabit there when the lake freezed up. Therefore, a local citizen brought the swans to his home and kept them in warm. Furthermore, the citizen conveyed his request to the State Special Protected Areas Administration of Khuvsgul aimag to keep the swans in warm house.

According to the citizen’s request, officials of the State Special Protected Areas Administration of Khuvsgul aimag transported the two swans, who were wintering in the local herding family to the administration’s fence. The birds’ physical condition is well and they are being fed three times a day.